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The One-Hour-Dress Booklet

A method for making a dress in 10 easy steps.  Includes 17 variations.  Circa 1924.  Beautifully restored.  Easy to read instructions.  Available for Instant Download.

"The ONE HOUR DRESS" ~A Versatile Vintage Sewing Booklet from 1924~ A smart, up-to-the-minute dress:cut out, completely made, all ready to put on within an hour!"

Wonderful ENLARGED Easy-to-Read Instructions:
* How to Measure Yourself
* How to Measure and Cut the Material
* How to Fashion the Blouse, Skirt, Neck, Sleeves and Belt
* How to Make the BASIC dress
* How to Make 17 Variations of the Basic Dress
* Certificate stating that Mary Brooks Picken & Lenore McCormack did indeed Make an Evening Gown in 44 minutes!
* Lovely Illustrations by Alice Seipp
* Published by "Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts & Sciences"

e-Booklet. . . . . .$4.99
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"Such is the delight you can find in making your own clothes now that it is easily possible to make an attractive, becoming dress in an hour.And you can have as many 'One Hour Dresses' as your heart desires -in infinite variety - for the ONE HOUR DRESS is not a STYLE of dress, it is a METHOD of making." All in 10 EASY STEPS! Includes instructions for 17 variations from 1924!